AgriCharts Excel Add-In

Calculate your cash prices in Excel!

The AgriCharts Excel Add-In allows you to stream real-time market data into Microsoft Excel, just like a DDE link, to customize your own quote spreadsheets and perform cash price calculations. The Excel Add-In is very easy-to-use and operate.

For instructions on using the Excel Add-In, please click here.

To register for the AgriCharts Excel Add-In, please complete the AgriCharts online contact form, email us at or call 877-247-4394.

*AgriCharts Excel Add-In is included for free with a subscription to AgriCharts AgPlus Real-Time or AgriCharts WebStation


Data streams into the Barchart worksheet where you identified the symbols you wish to monitor.

Example A:
Custom Cash Prices by
Location Worksheet

Example B:
Custom Cash Prices by
Location Worksheet


*Plus exchange fees (exchanges charge monthly fees for real-time data, click here to view exchange fees).